About The Embroidery Bird

One Embroidery Bird

My name is Penny Edwards; I love everything to do with textiles, lovely fabrics and making gorgeous things! 

Penny – the embroidery bird

This is for lovers of all-things fabric and for those like me who are always coming up with new ideas and also seeking inspiration and beautiful things to look at and to make. 

Add to this a never ending pleasure in finding trimmings of ribbons, lace, crochet edgings, buttons, beads etc etc planning the perfect placing of each of them. I love making lovely things with fabrics; I can’t resist the feel of linen in particular and especially love vintage items or those evocative of a time and style. I love french linen embroidered sheets and towels and hungarian grain sacks; items which have been personalised and lovingly made and adorned by hand. I like to embroider linen and use trimmings from beautiful old fabrics and patch them together. I love to go searching for these and of course to find a bargain.

I will post pictures and descriptions of my projects and ideas and inspirations, as well as good places to source the raw materials!  I hope to include ideas and patterns for you to put together and make for yourself.   Share with me what you have created!

2 thoughts on “About The Embroidery Bird

  1. Pure loveliness…..your creations are very heartfelt. Wonderful to give and receive.
    Thank you for sharing. Hecketty.

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