A little bit of love…

I made this for a friend

Welcome to my new blog.  Follow my ideas and creations in future posts and on Twitter @Embroidery_Bird!

This is for lovers of all-things fabric and for those like me who are always coming up with new ideas and also seeking inspiration and beautiful things to look at and to make. 

Add to this a never ending pleasure in finding trimmings of ribbons, lace, crochet edgings, buttons, beads etc etc planning the perfect placing of each of them. I love making lovely things with fabrics; i can’t resist the feel of linen in particular and especially love vintage items or those evocative of a time and style. I love french linen embroidered sheets and towels and hungarian grain sacks; items which have been personalised and lovingly made and adorned by hand. I like to embroider linen and use trimmings from beautiful old fabrics and patch them together. I love to go searching for these and of course to find a bargain.

Having accumulated all these lovely notions, a few of the thousands of ideas in my head actually become a reality and I sew embroidered pictures, cushions and quilts.  Some of these commemorate a birth or a new home so there is an endless way in which they can be put together to suit the recipient.  I use the fabrics that I love, which are often vintage, made of natural fibres of linen and cotton, with printed and woven designs of faded flowers, jolly florals to jaunty stripes and spots.  These go on their own or mixed together, depending on the project.  Whatever the mix and special project they are all created with a bit of love.  I don’t sew if the mood is wrong, as these special gifts and creations demand my best feelings and attention